Have you ever wondered what incredible destinations you can reach from Kaunas? At first sight this Lithuanian city might not seem as good as their competitors, but the former temporary capital of Lithuania has a lot to offer when it comes to cheap international transportation. Its international airport and bus station offer direct routes to the whole European continent as well as Israel. Here we will look over the top 5 places that can be reached from Kaunas.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark has lots to offer. It is the home for almost two million inhabitants and it holds an enormous cultural and architectonical heritage.  The most famous places there are the Little mermaid, Tivoli gardens and Christiania. You can manage to visit all the main attractions in just 3 days. The only inconvenience might be the high prices of the accommodation and transportation. However, discovering this city is a must and flying there from Kaunas is usually extremely cheap – you can find tickets for 10 euros or less!


2. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Located in the center of Poland, Warsaw is one of the greatest and most modern Polish cities. This Polish metropolis combines the beauty of the market square with some of the tallest skyscrapers in Eastern Europe. It offers really good deals for almost everything you can imagine. Moreover, getting into Warsaw shouldn’t be a big problem, as there are daily direct buses with really low fares.

3.Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin, Estonia

This admirable municipality is considered to be the most beautiful and unique place of all the Baltics. Tallinn’s old town is recognized as world heritage by UNESCO as it is one of the few that remained untouched after Second World War. Moreover, Estonia has a great influx of immigrants, so they are skilled with English and friendly to foreigners. Estonia’s capital is reachable by bus from Kaunas. It also has a ferry connection with Helsinki, so make sure to think about it as your next destination.

4. London, UK

London, UK

Probably, one of the most visited cities in whole Europe and one of the most influential in the entire world. London has a history of more than 20 centuries. Some musts there are: eating fish and chips, visiting Buckingham palace or seeing the changing of the guard. Discovering the entire city would take ages, so make sure to set aside some time for it, especially if you have never been there. UK’s main city has daily flights from Kaunas airport. There is no excuse for missing it.

5. Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

The most populous city in the Baltic region has lots of things to offer to its visitors. Riga’s old town is full of nice cafeterias, restaurants as well as bars. Some of them are even cheaper than Kaunas counterparts. It also has one of the best markets of the area where you can buy whatever you may imagine. Accommodation and living standards are really similar to Lithuania. Latvia’s capital is the easiest destination to reach from Kaunas due to its closer distance and daily direct busses.


by Eric Mas Moncusi