During the very first few weeks it is quite easy to figure out what to do and where to go in Kaunas. Most of the “touristy” places are situated either in old town or city center (new town), and all the main objects can be visited in a day or two, for example, town hall, Kaunas castle, Aleksotas panoramic viewpoint, and others.

So, where to go when it feels like everything in the city is familiar already? Then leave your very well-known Freedom alley and Vilnius street, take public or suburban buses and go somewhere new. Need suggestions where to? We have a few:

  1. Raudondvaris


On the suburbs of Kaunas, there is a tiny town with a name Raudondvaris which can literally be translated as “Red manor” because, well, a red manor is standing there. The manor is situated near river Nevėžis and there is a manor-castle museum, stables, orangery, restaurant and an ice-house in its complex.

Where: Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris.

How to get there: you can take a bus number 48 from Kaunas castle (Kauno pilis) bus stop. You will need to get out of the bus at stop “Raudondvaris”.

More information: http://www.raudondvariodvaras.lt/index.php/istorija-en.

  1. Juniper Valley (Kadagių slėnis)

Juniper Valley

Path leading all the way through Juniper Valley was elected as the most beautiful national park path in Lithuania. Luckily for you, you can reach it quite easily from Kaunas and it takes only about 30 minutes from the bus station to get there. Keep in mind that it is a part of national nature reservoir, so follow the rules and don’t make fires, don’t litter, don’t break trees, etc., or you might get fined.

Where: Viršužiglis village.

How to get there: take a suburban bus number 179 from Kaunas Bus Station and leave the bus at the stop “Kadagių slėnis”.

  1. Rumšiškės Open Air Museum


Only 30 minutes by (mini)bus and you will reach a town of Rumšiškės, famous for its open-air museum in the countryside, exhibiting the mode of life, works and traditions of peasants and town people of all Lithuanian ethnographic areas. It is situated on a picturesque coast of Kaunas lagoon and is a perfect place for a one-day trip. During the season, you can even go there by boat and admire all the beautiful views Kaunas Lagoon has to offer.

Where:  L. Lekavičiaus g. 2, Rumšiškės.

How to get there: take a suburban minibus number 82 from Kaunas Bus Station and leave the minibus at the stop “Rumšiškių paviljonas”.

More information: http://www.llbm.lt/en/about-us/.

  1. Dubrava protected area (Dubravos rezervatinė apyrubė)


If you love nature, you should definitely check this place out. Untouched forest, a swamp and 2-kilometers-long educational path is waiting for you to get discovered. The reserve was declared as protected area back in 1968, therefore, you can witness real nature that has not been exposed to human involvement for almost 50 years.

Where: Unnamed road. Not even kidding. That’s how wild or “in the middle of nowhere” it is.

How to get there: take a suburban bus number 149 from Kaunas Bus Station. You will want to get out of the bus at stop called “Dubravai”.

  1. Birštonas


Birštonas is the most far destinations from Kaunas from the ones mentioned above but still less than an hour away from Kaunas. It is famous as resort and spa town in Lithuania, mostly known for its mineral water. Surrounded by pine forests and Nemunas river, Birštonas also is considered as the center of the Nemunas Loops Regional park.

Where: Birštonas. Duh.

How to get there: take a suburban bus number 152 from Kaunas Bus Station and in 55 minutes you will reach Birštonas town.


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by Laura Klusaitė