Before you come to Lithuania or while you are already here, you should do some research about how to greet people and learn some basic words and phrases that can make your life so much easier here, in Lithuania.

Apart from the usual, “Labas” (hello), “Viso gero” (goodbye) and “Atsiprašau” (sorry; excuse me), you might need some phrases for more specific situations where English speaking people may not be around.

Some of the working ladies at the kiosks don’t speak English, so one phrase you may need when you want to top up your bus card every month:

“Top up bus card for a month with weekends, student price.”

“Prašom papildyti bilietą, studento kaina, su savaitgaliais, mėnesiui.”

When you need to come back from the centre at late night and you are too lazy to wait for a bus, the easiest way is to take a taxi, it is comfy and fast:

“To this address (show your address)”

“Gal galite nuvežti čia (show your address)”

When you walk alone on the street or go to the club, there could be an unwelcome stranger trying to hit on you disrespectfully. This is what you should say:

“Leave me alone!”

“Palikit mane ramybėje!”


“Back off!”



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Moreover, apart from saying Hello and Sorry, another phrase we all should know in every language is "How much does it cost":

“Kiek šitas kainuoja?”

When we go camping or somewhere else new, the essential things are food, sleep, and toilet. Remember this phrase and it will save you from awkwardly walking around in the new place:

“Where is the toilet?”

“Kur yra tualetas?”

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, so it is better to always be prepared:

“Call the police!”

“Iškvieskite policiją!”

“Call the ambulance!”

“Iškvieskite greitąją!”

When you buy medicine, or go to see a doctor, they will ask you "Are you allergic to anything?". What you should do are always remember what you are allergic to in Lithuanian and this sentence:

“I’m allergic to…..”

“Aš alergiškas…”

There is diversity in dormitory, sometimes people can cross over the line with noise or anything but you still don’t want any misinterpretation. Another way to solve the problem is when people making noise you can ask the doorkeeper and she/he will take care of it:

“Room …… is making noise, could you please go check?”

“Kambarys …. triukšmauja, gal galite patikrinti?”

People love compliments, so, it is good for you to know at least one word:

“OMG! You look so pretty!”

“OMG! Labai grażiai atrodai!”

Even if you are not a trouble maker but eventually problem can still come to you. Sometimes it is good to apologize and make your point:

“I don’t want any trouble”

“Nenoriu problemų.”



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Any phrases you think should be in this list? Let us know about them.

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 by Mookfee Nantanapramoth