is a
A local student (either Lithuanian or international student who already is studying in Kaunas for a few years) who is ready to help you. Your mentor is a first local friend who:
- advises you before leaving your home (what to expect, what things to bring),
- meets you here in the bus/train station or the airport (it is not mandatory for a mentor, he/she can only send you the description/map how to reach your place, but most of the mentor still go to the station to meet you there),
- helps to settle down in your new home (shows you the way to the nearest fast food cafe to fight the hunger after a long trip, accompanies you to the supermarket, bank, dormitor's administrator, faculty, etc),
- answers you questions (don't be afraid to ask, it is normal that you have a lot of doubts before coming here and during the stay),
- informs you about various activities organized by ESN, university or some organizations in Kaunas,
- tries to be your friend (of course, it depends on both sides).
All mentors are doing this on a voluntary basis - nobody gets paid or other special treatments. This means that a mentor is not your slave, he/she is also a student so you cannot be mad if a mentor doesn't reply you instantly or doesn't know something that you need. Try to be friendly and support each other.
get a
Each incoming international student (Erasmus+, exchange, full time, degree) gets a mentor. He/she will write you an e-mail some time in August/January. If you coming to Lithuania very soon and you still didn't hear from your mentor - contact [email protected]. ESN KTU's academic affairs coordinator will check what happened: maybe there was some mistake and you actually didn't get a mentor, maybe he/she decided not to mentor anymore, maybe an e-mail got lost - all the maybies will be eliminated and you'll get your mentor ASAP!