Erasmus in Lithuania
Ever wondered what it would be like to study in Slovenia? Read Sabapathy's Erasmus story and find out.
On 30th of March 2017, ESN KTU organised Brain Battle: Spring'17 edition to make the minds of our students more sharp and active.
Have you ever wondered what incredible destinations you can reach from Kaunas? We have overlook of the best ones!
During the very first few weeks it is quite easy to figure out what to do and where to go in Kaunas. But where to go when it feels like everything in the city is familiar already? We have some ideas for you.
"Labas", "Viso gero", "Kaip laikaisi" and "Atsiprašau" are no argument very useful phrases to know if you need to spend some time in Lithuania. What others phrases could be essential though? Check if you know them here.
Schedule for Multilingual Lithuania free language courses is here. Classes start March 6. Registration is extended until 11th of March.
Traditional Lithuanian food consists of a lot of fats, potatoes, meat, or curd, and sometimes it can get quite difficult to find a place if you a strict diet or food preferences. So, where to look for vegan food? Here are some ideas.
This week we said goodbye to our Snapchat account because we want to give more love to our Instagram.
On 25th of February KTU international students together with ESN KTU went to Rumšiškės Open Air Museum to celebrate Užgavėnės (Mardi Gras) and kick the winter out of the country.