On 30th of March 2017, ESN KTU organised Brain Battle: Spring'17 edition to make the minds of our students more sharp and active. The students not only from KTU but also from other universities in Kaunas gathered in Džem Pub at 7pm to battle it out and take the title of the smartest team home.

The evening started with 17 teams eagerly waiting to let their intellect shine and let their brains race with every passing minute. Our lovely host Narmin Aliyeva, an international student of KTU, explained the rules and regulations that had to be followed during the event. The 1st round consisted of questions from general knowledge whereas the 2nd round had questions filled with brands and logos. After the 2nd round was over, a 15 minutes break was announced for the students to replenish their brains with some food and drinks. After the break, the scores of the first two rounds where announced.

Shortly after, the 3rd round made of movie quotes began. The competition witnessed spirited students fighting it out to outshine the other teams. The 3rd round came to an end and the 4th round stated with questions about art. After all rounds finished and Organizing Committee thoroughly checked the results, Hakuna My Tatas and Kagnasteam were tied for the 1st place with 41 points. The two teams had an intense battle during the tie-breaker round and finally Kagnasteam took home the 1st place with just 1 point lead. The 2nd place was taken by Hakuna My Tatas and the 3rd place by Check + 1.

The students enjoyed the Brain Battle a lot as they were able to enhance their knowledge through the questions and teamwork. The evening ended with distribution of prizes and certificates to the winners. We also thanked our sponsors Kartlandas and Džem Pub and our lovely host, Brain Battle master, Narmin.


Article by Shreya Pravin Kumar

Photos by Kristis Balčiūnas