“Go over the seas and look for excellence in your field” said Tamil poet Avviyar in 1st CE. This quote inspired me a lot in my childhood. After finishing my higher studies, that’s when I decided to do my Bachelor’s degree in Lithuania.

When I landed in Lithuania, it welcomed me with a warm smile. The natural sceneries, people and food - everything attracted me a lot. It takes some time to adapt to this new way of life and education system as it’s totally different from ours but after some time I got used to it.

One thing that boosted me a lot to do my Bachelor’s in Europe would be the Erasmus+ Programme. The more you travel, the more you learn about yourself. So I decided to apply for Erasmus+ in University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and I got to study there.

I don’t know whether rebirth exists or not as told in some ancient scriptures but I do believe Erasmus+ was more or less like a rebirth for me. The moment I left Lithuania, I felt like leaving my homeland for a moment as I got used to it, but after I landed in Slovenia, it was like a fantasy world filled with full of natural wonders and the people were amazing. I am so happy that I chose to study there.

The shocking fact that amused me was the lectures where about 3 hours, so long but so interesting too. And as usual the struggles with courses, half of my courses were in Slovenian and remaining half in English. But the university’s infrastructure and way of teaching were amazing. I could feel the vast differences between the education systems in the three countries.

But all those bad things vanished when I got to know my Erasmus family, the times I spent with them were so precious. My family were so diverse consists of people not only from Europe but also from countries like Australia, China and USA.

When I was closing to the end of my Erasmus, I didn’t know how to feel because I integrated into that atmosphere so much and leaving it wasn’t easy but still life has to move on. When I arrived to Lithuania after Erasmus+ completion, I felt like I reached my homeland. Afterwards, I don’t know whom to support when there is any sort of competitions between these countries, whether for India or for Lithuania or for Slovenia. Erasmus is like an Elixir bringing happiness to each moment and making you a global citizen.  

 As a whole, don’t live your life in a small circle and get to know few people. The beauty of this world lies in its diversity, so try to experience those things and make your life astonishing.