Erasmus Experience – Worth It

“Why Lithuania?” – that’s what everyone asked me when I said I’m going to do an Exchange Semester in Lithuania. I mean, obviously, they would ask. Why wouldn’t they? If you live in Germany (like me) or most of the other western countries, most of the people haven’t even heard of Lithuania before or they heard of Lithuania only once and maybe – with a little bit of geographical knowledge – they even know that it is one of the three Baltic countries.

Thakko in Curonian Spit

So now you’re also asking why I chose Lithuania, right? It’s simple. I wanted Adventure. While doing an adventure, you can feel so alive. You will get to know much more about the small world which is surrounding you. People can say that you can find out about everything nowadays on the internet. But going on an adventure will make you excited. You will be able to see the world with your own eyes and you can have the full experience with all of your senses. Better than just to watch some YouTube videos.

I chose Lithuania because I wanted to explore a country I didn't know about. So, what did I learn about that country when I was there? Lithuania got the independence in 1990 (pretty late) and not all of the people here speak English. What do you do, if there is a language barrier? You have two options. Either you decide to learn their language, or you use your arms and legs combined with your amazing facial expressions and the few Lithuanian words you know, and you try to tell the shop assistant that you’re looking for a 2m bed sheet. I tried to learn the Lithuanian language – and it helped me quite a lot! Google Translator also was a big help.

While doing the exchange semester, I got an amazing opportunity to live in a dorm. Not nay dorm but one full of other international students. It is a great opportunity to get to know the different cultures and their food (yummy)! Also having friends from all around the world is such an amazing thing!

During the five months, I learned so many things. I learned cooking, programming and video editing. Things I wouldn’t have learned, if I had spent those five months at home. When you’re abroad, you try to do all the things you wouldn’t do at home. It is one of the best opportunities you have in your life. I even started my YouTube channel, just because I was on a trip with my international friends and some guys were telling me, I should start a YouTube channel, and they would immediately follow me. So here is my video about my exchange semester. Enjoy and I hope, you consider taking the opportunities you get. Opportunities don’t wait for you. Either you grab them or they fly away.

Look forward and try to take all the opportunities you get.

Best greetings,