On 26th of March ESN KTU members and international students were going to animal shelter “Lesė”. All of them were really happy to see the different side of Lithuania, like how homeless animals are living, what they are eating and so on. The biggest part of students were astonished, that there are some people who is taking care of these animals without reward, looking for new homes. Since all animals were really friendly, students most of the time were playing with them. “It is unforgettable experience, which showed me that not only people, but also animals need treatment and support” – said one of the international students. 

Also, this trip wouldn’t have happened without a help. ESN KTU organization would like to give thanks to KTU dormitory group, which helped us collecting white coins in all KTU dormitories. We collected over 400 LT and they were spent by buying food for these animals. 

UAB “Mars Lietuva” also joined this event and gave some food for these animals without a charge. ESN KTU member Donatas V., who was communicating with this company said, that “UAB “Mars Lietuva” attention had left a big and great impression, the manager was really nice and cooperative. We were so happy, when we found out, that this company was going to give some food for homeless animals”. So we say thank you one more time. 

And of course ESN KTU says huge THANK YOU to those, who joined this action by putting your white coins into the boxes in all KTU dormitories. We aren’t the only ones, who are grateful, but you also have big thanks from all workers in that shelter and of course from animals, who will have a little better life.

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