3 days in Lithuanian countryside: fresh air, forest, lake, no wifi, no laptops and cell phones so people can stop for a little bit and fully enjoy the time they have.

All these days will be full of various activities: orienteering game, sports, art workshops, games, brain battle, live music bands, DJ and more. We all know that weather in Lithuania is unpredictable but even that will not be able to make a change on the mood because all of the equipment for the planned activities can be quickly adapted to weather conditions – sun or rain, everybody is provided with the space for having lots of fun.

More than 300 young people from all over Europe who are on their exchange in Lithuania have an opportunity to feel the spirit of real ESN Lithuania event and join ESCAPE. That means there are 300 chances to make new friends, to create bonds, to meet people who will stay in your life forever or at least spend unforgettable time with people who you will never meet again but who will stay in your heart as time flies.

-From ESN Lithuania website

More information coming soon..

11/05/2018 to 13/05/2018
To be announced soon