How to survive the last weeks of the semester

Long days loaded with work, studies, and chilly weather. Upcoming deadlines in the university, and it seems like you do not have time even to take a breath. Seems familiar? If yes, then we are here to help you out.


Spare time with yourself

Even though the schedule might seem cramped and 24 hours a day is not enough, self-care is the most essential thing in such circumstances. Leave your worries behind for 30, 20 or even 10 minutes. Take a cup of tea, go out for a walk in a park, read a book, watch your favorite TV series, even funny cat videos on YouTube or any other activity that you enjoy. It is up to you! Breaking out of the routine would help you to feel like yourself again.





Manage your time

Perhaps one of the best friends of a student is procrastination. Because of this unwanted company, you might want to burn all the books due to unbearable workload. Therefore, time management might help you out to save your nerves and additional time. For instance, write the tasks and deadlines in your notebook or calendar for each day, week or even a month, so you could prepare your time beforehand. It might help to follow and monitor the working pace. Therefore, Todoist is an alternative to a paper planner, which is an irreplaceable app for your daily tasks (





If you enjoy adventures, take a bus or a train and go to the place you have never been before! Treat yourself with an opportunity to discover new areas, landscapes and cultures. It might be the same country you are currently living in or a different part of the world, it does not matter. (By the way, some airlines give a chance to fly to other European cities for under 10 euros!) Get the thrilling feeling of traveling!







Initiate meeting with friends

Meet your friends for a cup of coffee. Friends are the best therapists in terms of the worries and joys that you might want to share. Arrange a meeting with a long-lost friend that you have not seen in a while to boost positive energy.








Therefore, this sloppy weather is not going to last forever, the same with the bad days and hectic schedule. It is temporary, and it is not worth worrying about, right? Hopefully, these tips will help to cheer up and take a breath in-between studies.



Article and photos by Odeta Bacevičiūtė