OSA is a milkshakes bar located in Laisvės av, Kaunas. First of this type in Lithuania where you can make a milkshake with your favourite sweet. It could be gummies, chocolate bars, popcorns, nuts, protein, cakes and many more. Now with over 100 flavours and millions of possible combinations, every Milkshake is made freshly to order for every customer. The choices are endless such as Nutella&Oreo... Cherry&Skittles... Peanut Butter& Snickers... And now we have also winter menu with hot milkshakes in it. So tasty and so good for you! Ready to taste something new?

Here you can also play table football, board games, organize meetings, do homework or just chill with your friends.

Laisvės 34, Kaunas, Lithuania

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